You have taught me to see

what is essential, and what isn’t

You have showed me what is grounded in love

and what is rooted in fear

And now I understand my dear

I do not care about fame and success and money

All I wish from life is to love you through every breath I take

and to write and paint the world of my heart

that is held together and instilled by my love for you

All the rest is secondary

and if I ever wish to find happiness

I must let go of all plans and calculations

and trust the wings of life to carry me

If abundance comes, we will be generous with ourselves and others

and if it doesn’t, we will be equally happy

We don’t need much

as our love nourishes our heart and our soul and our body

as nothing else does

filling us with warmth and light

and giving birth to the most beautiful stories in words and colours

and for the rest, we will do everything ourselves

I will teach you to prepare flat bread and cheese and jams

and you will teach me to sew and many other things I know nothing about

We don’t need an entire house to tend to

just a warm and comfortable room

where we can write and cook and plant and paint at the same time

we don’t need to travel much, as our home is in one another’s heart

and if needed, we will both work in our crafts too

as the most important is to be together

and progress in the storyline we write

with a warm hearth and a cosy bed and a desk large enough to hold two

and a roof over our heads

We need as little as that to be happy

as in one another’s presence all gaps are filled

moments and things become way more intense and beautiful and real

Don’t you notice how bright your memories of our time together are

and how other memories simply fade after a while

for, in one another’s presence we come very close to timelessness

and our full potential unleashes

and illusions vanish, and the world becomes real