Falling in love with you

As you slowly grow into yourself

As you become the girl of all my dreams

I slowly fall in love with you

Of course, I have loved you from the start

I loved you even before you were born

But now it is different

as my love grows purer and purer

as all my other instincts and my fears

are subjugated before its beauty

Every day, you impress me even more

I feel closer to you

your face becomes even more beautiful

my tenderness for you grows and grows and grows

and my tears flow

You had a vision last year

that as your character grew more and more into yourself

you fell in love with her, with yourself

and now it is happening

It is the first time a vision in your life becomes truth

But when you think of it more closely

your other visions are turning true too

as you have found the true me in them

letting go of their illusion

Together, we are building the house of our dreams

And I will make you the present of a green dress

in which you will whirl in the air graciously

and come into a timeless embrace of happiness

And, your dream of becoming a writer my dream

you are almost there as you find the purest of all forms of ice

as you find the purest of all forms of light

and the purest of all forms of metal

your words start flowing in rivers

lit with the most striking images

and meeting my sung rivers and my painted worlds

as both our realms come in union

and you become me, and I become you

and together we bring our gift in full realization

My dear, how can I refrain from loving you

when you make all my dreams turn true

how can I not each day let your presence in my heart grow

when you are overwhelming me with your beauty and your heavenly scent

My dear, I think I fell in love with you

and my heart is beating faster, ever faster, at your thought

and my chest is filling with light and joy

when I imagine seeing you again

My dear, I love you

and I am in love with you