My beloved and me

we have suffered enough

Over the years we have tried

all sorts of pain

We have been victims and culprits

we have harmed and been harmed

we have betrayed and been betrayed

we have judged and been judged

we have killed and been killed

we have raped and been raped

we have stolen and been stolen from

we have been helpless children and orphans

we have been cruel tyrants and arrogant persons

and we have learnt

We have learnt not to hurt others

and not to hurt ourselves

We have learnt the way of love

We have learnt to push all fears away

We have learnt to be guided solely

by the light of our counterpart flame

and we have discovered, uncovered

this sacred bond between us

that makes us closer than twins of blood

closer than parent and child

closer than husband and wife

We have understood we were the two faces

of the same angel

We have discovered our gift, learnt to use it

We have known the bitterness and the pain of separation

and again we have relived all what we had already lived in past lives

we have harmed and been harmed

we have betrayed and been betrayed

we have lied and deceived and been lied to and deceived

we have known the joy of heaven

and the pain of losing that moment of beauty and love

and now our body, our heart is covered with scars

now we call to You, we call to Heaven

and we tell you we have already experienced and understood

all sorts of pain, we have written and drawn and painted them all

and so there is no reason to continue to feel pain every day that passes

no reason to continue to be in separation

This is a request, a prayer, a demand

deliver us from this pain

show us the way to melt the last knot

and leave the pain behind us

Let us grow into the angels we are meant to be

let our gift entirely bloom

and our hearts and our bodies merge in a sacred marriage

let us share our light and our love

with all our sons and daughters in the world

let us be happy and at peace

let us love and be loved entirely

let the gap in our chest disappear forever

as we have found entire consciousness

and let us step together out of time

in our perfect heaven of love

Let our thoughts become stronger than matter

let us with the will of our heart

bend what could not be bent with our hands or machines

grant us the gift to do miracles

and bestow love on ourselves and others

give us the seeds and the water

to plant forests of love in the world

and transform it in a fairer place

Crown us in the light of love

and unite our hands and our eyes forever

And now all our demands are formulated

we would also like to express our gratitude

for being alive, for existing

for having grown and grown for thousands of years

in the storyline you wrote for us

and now it is time we start writing our own story

we would like to thank you for all the creative ways

in which you have taught us to understand life

and to grow in our awareness of the world

But most of all I would like to thank you, oh my twin of love

because it is through you I have learnt to see the world

you have been my mother and my daughter and my twin sister and my wife

you have given me love and understanding and life

like no other ever could

And now it is time pain ends

now it is time the truth is revealed and grows in our heart

now we want no longer to be trapped in a school we never loved

and we want to awaken to our true divine nature

Bless my twin and me

as your son and your daughter who have grown up

and are leaving their home

to build their own house

You will all be welcome to visit us

and we shall hug you with gratitude

and the joy to see old teachers, old friends

but before that you need to start seeing us as your equals

we are students no longer

and you cannot continue to make us feel pain

you cannot continue to make experimentations on us

you cannot continue to write our storyline as you wish

My twin and me, we want to be together in love, now!