Beyond the veil of time

My dear

we are learning to look

beyond the veil of time and space

It is not an easy task

as when we trust our visions too much

we often are disappointed

But without faith

how can we see beyond the veil

The disappointment comes

from a distrust of life and love

And so it’s important to confront at the root

The disappointment comes from an anguish

that things will not be alright at the end

an anguish of the future

a dissatisfaction of the presence

and here we come again

to this hole we have in the chest

this incompleteness that cruelly hurts us

every day that passes

We wish the visions we have to be correct

for they bring us the reassurement we need

but they aren’t and aren’t

and that is painful

and makes us become afraid of hoping into life

At the end my dear

I realize visions are not part of love

Love simply is

Love does not count

Love does not project

Love does not imagine

Love is a state of being

a warmth and an openness in the heart

a deep faith in everything

and being permanently in that state brings us out of time

and then visions are no longer visions, but truth

then life gives us abundance without needing to ask or worry

and so the focus must not be on the end

but the state of being, this absolute groundedness in love

This trust that once we let love fill us entirely

ways will be found, our dreams will be fulfilled

And so my dear, let’s try to open our heart entirely to one another

and discover what happens

Let me kiss you a full, long kiss

and embrace you with the violence of desire

like I would have never dared before

I want you, now