My twin sister

Twins of blood

I have started colouring up our drawing of togetherness

that where we smile and we beam

swearing the oath to always be truthful toward our flame

I didn’t know how to fill the emptiness of the page

that felt large and deep and overwhelming at first

But then, I decided to start planting an arch of trees above our heads

adding some colourful balloons because it is like a birthday

a new birth we celebrate, and let’s not forget this is a day of feast

And then I started imagining our future house

or rather drawing the lost paradise of our childhood

a place where we would have felt entirely safe and cherished

and joyful when we were kids

a place with the right shade of mystery

and togetherness with our family

a place with many a stair, and many a room, and many a window

and whole world to look at and discover around

with trees and flowers and mushrooms and canals and mountains and the ocean

A place where holy days are feasted with colours and sweetness

A place where Santaclaus truly exists, or at least is believed to

A place where the snow is white and crisp in winter times

and the grass is tender and dewy early morning in the summer

A place of bright sunlight and swift wind on the moors

I imagined us growing up together in that house, as twins of blood

playing together, inventing games together, dreaming together

and slowly discovering the deeper bond that unites us

Thus it is a place where harmony and togetherness between us has always reigned

because the only thing you feel for your twin sister is tenderness and love

I also felt sadness while drawing this image

as I missed all the lost objects, the lost persons, of our childhood

I felt those times would not return, and I knew you were showing me again

Pointing toward another place of pain in our heart

All these objects, these persons, were so beautiful and magical

because they were infused with one another’s presence

and as we grew up we gradually lost the presence of our counterpart

in the things around us, and magic faded away

and reality became cold and dreary and dull and rational

What we are missing now is not the times of our childhood

what we are missing is not the place we grew up in, nor the objects that were there

No, what we are missing is one another’s presence and magic

Even if we were not physically together, our hearts were more open

our rational mind less formed, and so we could colour up the world

we could imagine one another’s presence, energy, way more easily

And now my dear, all this is not lost, on the contrary

We have followed a long path of hardship to come in togetherness again

And now one another’s presence won’t be dreamt anymore, but real

concrete, physical, and the world will feel again as one big faerie garden

as everything, even the dullest of places will become the most interesting moment

in the entire universe timeline as we hold one another hand

and reflect on the stories to tell of the big empty dehumanized spaces in the airport

of the huge garbage dump that has filled a valley and is reaching the sea

each of these things bear many a story to tell

they are pieces of the world we’ll weave

And our family, our towns, our objects, will all acquire a new shine

We will see the potential, the beauty, in each person

and most importantly we will have one another’s eyes to look into

and fill ourselves with this splendour