Always together

And here my dear I hear your thoughts busy with another anguish

of yours, of mine, and I have some words to offer you

Will we always do things together, or sometimes be separated too?

The most precious thing we have in the entire universe is our twin

we have no other home than the company of our counterpart

wherever he or she is, everything becomes brighter, warmer, sweeter

your family, your friends, your interests, become mine

and so it is with my family, my friends, my interests

once our hands reunite, there will be no separation again

no boundary, no area in my or your life where we are or feel excluded

once we marry, we will do all things in togetherness

and find a new depth, a new beauty, in each thing we do, each person we visit

Together we will repair and heal the wrongs that were done

the cities that were thrown down all around us

Together we will bring the light of love in the heart of everyone

It makes little sense to be alone once we find one another

because what is more interesting from our own twin in the world?

Nothing in truth, nothing can be pressing or interesting enough to part us again

for it is in our deepest nature to be together

and we are twins of flesh as well as twins of heart and mind and soul