Where are you?

Why is there no other me

you asked me

and I now realize there was distress in your words

You feel my absence all the time

and only when I write, when I practice my gift of light

can you feel a surge of love

Otherwise most of the time

you feel distance, coldness, indifference

and your heart is sore

and you feel abandoned

This is your normal state

day after day after day

you wonder why I am not there at your side

you wonder why you are alone

why you have no one to share with

all your thoughts, and all your feelings

all your mundanities, and all your dreams

why there is no one by your side

that truly sees you, that truly hears you

pierces through the haze

everyone else seems to drown into

You wonder where I am

why you can’t hear more clearly the song of my heart

why I am not reading you and cherishing you

why I am so distant and aloof

and you miss me, you miss me so acutely

there is a hole in your heart

and you call me in distress

help me, help me, help me

please help me

And here I am my dear, trying to help you

trying to find the solution of this puzzle

the balm to heal this pain

because I too feel abandoned all the time

I too feel this loneliness and this melancholy you feel

and I too long for you

and even though I look for you every moment that passes

I can’t find you

I can’t find you

Where are you my dear?

can you hear me

can you hear me

or is it the echo that is playing tricks on you and me

Where are you?