Time stops

Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac

Time passes, flows

In the world

In my mind

I count time

You hold my hand

and bring me in a room

full of clocks

the smallest and the largest

When will be together, when?

Each clock gives a different answer


In one week

In one month

In three months

In one year

In three years


Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac

Why are you so anguished by time my dear?

Is it also the fear to die, to disappear

To cease to exist

To be denied the right to exist

To be denied the right of love

Since, as long as we are parted, the hole in our chest will remain

And a part of us will continue being denied the right to exist

But my dear, whenever you dare to look again in my eyes

Whenever you dare again to read me

We will be together already

It is the matter of an instant, of a leap of faith

And then, time shall stop

Death shall fade away

We are timeless, immortal, eternal beings

We are infinite

We are part of God, creator of worlds

And so are all the other souls around us

And so my dear, there is really nothing to fear

The right to exist and the right to love and be loved

are yours and shall always remain

And as we embrace and kiss for the first time

our divine nature shall truly awaken

and heaven will then be ours