Again you share your thoughts with me

you take my hand

and let me step with you

inside your, my, anguish

How will things go

how will they unravel

what exactly will happen

and in what order

when will we be together

physically together

or at distance

will it take time

will there still be healing involved

will we have to undergo some separation time

what about the money

what about other people around

how will we tell them

how will we reassure them

what about the other twin flames we know

will it happen at the same time for us and for them

and so and so and so

our head buzzes with all sorts of questions

and we feel a knot in our belly

How to get rid from that

how to stop worrying

and simply trust that everything will go for the best

Where is this anguish rooted?

Again, in the fear of not being allowed the right to exist

the right to be complete

the right to love and be loved

as right now we feel we are deprived of this fundamental right

right now we are in deep pain

every day is a day of pain, and we long for our heaven

and we long to get out from this hell

and we worry getting even deeper in hell

we worry never being allowed into heaven

because for our mind not now is never

Time does not truly exist

and so what we feel right now is eternal

what we feel right now gives us the impression it will never change

because it overwhelms our finite nature, the pain fills us entirely

but my dear our body is finite, but our nature is infinite

to our mind, time is everything, time is blocking

but to our soul time is nothing but an illusion

to our heart, separation is a hell

but to our soul, separation too is an illusion

as we are part of the same whole

our hearts are filled with the same colours

we share the same dream

and that already means we are together

And so, if separation is an illusion, why do we suffer so much

We do because of our fear, our distrust, never to be together

never to be allowed to love and be loved

It is our fear solely that casts shadows over our heart

Our fear not to be happy, our fear not to have the right to exist

Our fear not to have the right to love and be loved

Again, we touch the same deep root

Another face of the same wound

Distrust, because we have learnt life never goes as we want it

as we expect it to go

But my dear is that truly true

Once we get rid of our fears

by doing this leap of faith

and bridging the gap between us

the hole in our heart

then, we will come in true balance with life

then, we will just know things, feel them

then, life will stop being unpredictable and dangerous

and will only surprise us positively

And thus my dear, everything conspires

tends, toward this leap of faith

you, I, are requested to do

You know the perfect timing in your heart

you know when the texts of healing will be ready to be read

you know when it will be the right moment to look into my eyes again

you know it all already, and you must now trust yourself entirely

whatever your soul guides you to do, do without questioning

and be ensured you will end up in my arms

in this perfect bubble of timelessness

where when and how don’t matter at all