When you are sad

sweet walnut bread

When you are sad my dear

when your heart laments our separation

and your mind doubts if we will ever be together

Close your eyes

and imagine me looking in your eyes

imagine my gentle caresses on your face

and as I kiss your cheek

coming closer and closer to your lips

Imagine our embrace

the tenderness and the fullness

as the flesh of our soul merges

Every breath I take

every word I write

every line I paint

are done for and through you my dear

and in truth there is no such thing

as separation and aloofness for us

You are on my thoughts and in my heart

every single moment of the day

and even at night I dream of you

and so it is for you, so it is for you

and all motives to be sad are gone

as we realize no matter how high a wall

no matter how thick a silence

nothing can ever separate us

Listen to Breathe by Two Steps From Hell