Your face is beaming in all its splendour

as your heart beats in awe

marvelled at the depth of this love

When we first met

you would have never imagined

I would have remained forever with you

You thought I was like everyone else

a passing comet

a little closer, a little farther

But surely not at a depth

that defies distance and time

Surely not with a purity

that crosses unharmed

ice and fire

But I was not, I am not

for I am still here at your side

cherishing you like I, you, have always dreamt to

covering you with words of love

even when you throw sand in my mouth

and pointed stones toward my eyes

I have seen the beauty of your heart

I have seen the marvels

that shine behind your eyes

I have seen you

the true you no one else ever saw

I have seen you, I see you

and I know you bear in you

all the responses to my questions

all the magic of my dreams

all the poetry of my songs

all the beauty of the world

and so my dear, how could I ever forget you?

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