Letting go of our wound

Letting go of our wound

As the moon wanes

so does our wound

oh faerie princess of all my dreams

We are letting go of the hurt

We are letting go of the past

We are letting go of sadness and melancholy

We are letting go of despair

We are letting go of anger and grudges

We are letting go of doubt

and of all what is weighing down on our hearts

We have explored the unexplored

brought light to darkness

found colours where we thought there were none

used those newfound hues to build our realm

and now it is time to let go of this pit

and let our soul resorb and heal it

Out of fear to be hurt again

we cling to our hurt of the past

we cling to our mistrust, to our lack of faith

because that’s the best way not to be disappointed again we think

But again and again our soul screams

this is not true, and on the contrary

we must love entirely, again and again and again

and have a blind faith in one another’s hearts

and then, only then, will the past vanish in smoke

and the notion of hurt disappear altogether

As the moon dies it will bring death to

all what we discard from our heart

in the darkness of the night

it all will be carried away

and the next morning we will be struck

by the beauty of the world

and the stainless melody we now hear

Oh my faerie, the entire world is our friend

we have no enemies, nothing to fear

and protect ourselves from

we can be entirely vulnerable

entirely trusting is the tender hand of life

as when we were little children

As long as we treat Life with distrust

as long as we think of the souls behind the world with grudge

this is what will be sown for us

but once we realize the grandness of what they are doing for us

once we thank them from the bottom of our heart

for having brought our souls to consciousness

once we realize life has been our friend from the start

then we will find the sweetness and the joy we are looking for

then life will bring us together again

as this is the fate that is written in the stars for you and me

and since before we were born

the world knew we would one day

be found in one another’s arms

with such a closeness

and such a grace in our dance

it becomes hard to tell us apart

and such a depth of love

each atom of your body is married to mine

and we behave not as two, but as a perfect whole

Listen to The Miracle of Life composed by Armen Hambar, of Future World Music