Building our house together

Building our house together

This drawing is a gift for you

faerie princess of all my dreams

and I pray its hopefulness

will stir something deep in your heart

It is the house we will together build

not just a building of stones

but a living world

that blooms to our hearts

It is the sun we have retrieved

in the sky, in our bosom

it lights us deep within

from a true light, true colours

It is the flowers and the trees

the seas and the mountains

we will paint and imagine

and give life to

as we stroll among the moors

hand in hand, arm in arm

and we stop to contemplate

the beauty of a marsh

the flight of a bird

and we lay down in the grass

and watch the world move around us

as we are still in timelessness

It is the house of our heart

a house large enough

to welcome all our friends and foes alike

and give them nourishment

for their bodies and their souls

It is a place of magic, a place of healing

where looking at the hues

brings the deepest contentment to the eyes

a richness that is not seen in everyday’s life

waiting to look again at the splendour

in one another’s eyes

Oh faerie of my dream

will you take my hand

and let me kiss you

and dance with me

Oh faerie of my dream

will you accept this present

and cherish it in your heart

as I do

A long time ago when I was a child

I drew a house

and I won one afterwards

a small house to play in

Will this house I drew

this world I imagined

bring all my hopes to fulfilment

and will you fill again

your heart with my prose and my poetry

and let your soul sing

and let me hear again

your voice that knows no barrier in me

Will you allow yourself

to caress my heart again

and welcome me

embrace me

as you always wished to

Will we meet again

in this place of timelessness

where reality meets fantasy

Take my hand oh beloved

and let’s watch the sun set

the sun rise

and breathe the dewy grass

and light a fire in the chimney

and watch the mushrooms

and the other creatures

sprouting in the damp forest

let’s contemplate the sea

as the rising sun colours up in orange

the sailing ships

and brings rebirth to the countryside

Will this rebirth happen in our lives too

as we learn to love another

without fears

and we sow the seeds of renewal

all around us

Come to me

and let’s live our Dream together

Let’s become love

and shine like we never had before

Listen to Quest for Freedom by Future World Music