When I am desperate

When I am caught in my fears

desperate to get out from there

all my wisdom, all my love

are forgotten for a while

and I’m ready to do

the most hurtful things for you and me

because I do not have the clarity

the light, the warmth to strive toward the best

and as energy abandons me

I let go to these lowly cravings rooted in doubt

But I have now learnt

not to hurt myself

not to hurt you

I have now understood

how to tend toward this new balance

I am looking for

and that means doing what is right

doing what doesn’t cause hurt

and trying to get out from this forlorn mood

as soon as I can and with all my strength

The key not to fall and fall again

is to write my way out

is to create for myself

a ladder, a platform, a parachute, wings

until I can maintain myself in this new reality

in the realm of my dreams where the sun always shines