The end of separation

The end of separation

Separation is touching to its end my dear

as the sun behind the mountains rises

and the morning light becomes increasingly fair

For long a silence of stone

had fallen between us

For long no sound pierced this wall

But now I can feel the stir of your heart

so, so close from mine

as I’ve discovered how to thaw the ice

and let the water flow

We have grown into our own characters

and our characters have grown into us

and fiction and reality have merged

and become the same

Time has lost its substance

as we discovered

it was time that kept us apart

And now, in a world without time

we grow free from our tighter bonds

as we discover that

each story we write

will become true

And for the endless first time

we are starting to fall in love with one another anew

as our heart beats fast for our counterpart

as we imagine holding one another

and seeing again the beauty of each other’s eyes

and your face colours up with emotions

as I grow in your heart

This is a new beautiful day that starts

one that will bear all its promises

one that will make our love immortal

and make us become heroes of our own storyline

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