The sun is undergoing an eclipse

it has disappeared from the sky

replaced by a black disk

and my soul is in pain

My sun is gone

how can I live without

The next moment the leaves of my tree

yellow, redden and drop

The town of my spirit loses its consistence

And becomes a ghost place made of thin air

And my wound is revealed to the sight

and in the absence of the sun

it comes aflame and burns

I am in deep pain

yet slowly I discover an underground world

that I would have never known

had the sun uninterruptedly shined in the sky

I discover I have an inner sun in my heart

albeit weaker than the regular sun

still valuable to provide me with warmth and light

and reveal my inner world to my own eyes

I discover that as my spirit town loses consistence

I can reshape it and model it with much more ease

and so when the sun will shine again

it will be an entirely different place

much more adapted to the liking of my heart

And as my wound comes aflame

I realize that the sparks of colours and the ashes

can be used to colour up my world

with hues I had never used before

And suddenly the eclipse of the sun

starts making much more sense

and I can see love behind such a self-sacrificing gesture

After all I realize the sun is not entirely gone

as the world is not dark but lit in a diffuse light

and even if the sun is hidden

I see its imprint on everything

and understand how even in this absent state

it is showing me the world

And then, curiosity strikes me

and I look more closely at the dark disk

Never before could I look at the sun

into its own face

as it blaze blinded me

and I only guessed where it was in the sky

Now its position is very precise

and in the sun’s absence

I can study it, following its course with my eyes

and every day of eclipse that passes

I grow a little more familiar with my sun

a little more familiar with the inner landscapes of my soul

until one day the sun of my heart and the sun in the sky

can fuse and become one

and then nature shall revive

as my wound entirely heals

and my tree covers itself up

with leaves and blossoms

and we can kiss again underneath

breathing in the marvels of the marshes

and strolling by the streets of our capital town