Within your absence

Within your absence

you are trying to push me

to force me

out of myself

you want me to find answers

beyond the ones I have already found

And when I pushed you, forced you

to confront your deepest fears

you decided to do the same with me

Your anger was calculated, conscious

you knew what to do and what not to

I had made of your life a living hell

a continual confrontation with people around you

who wanted to know the truth

who sensed you were hiding something

and you decided to do the same with me, in reverse

you decided to expose me in my innermost vulnerability

as I had done with you

without me being ready or prepared for it

And thus, our hearts clashed again

and this clash was so strong

its wake was felt in all the hearts around us

A shock of giants it was

to throw down the towns around us

these places where the concrete reality is anchored

and as these cities are now in chaos

the new ideas we are sowing

will have much more space to sprout

and transform these towns, these hearts

into something better and much more harmonious

Now all what remains to do

is drawing all the lessons we can from what happened

and growing into ourselves

until our hearts and our natures are married within

and then, our love will be strong enough to shine

and bring back light and peace and balance

in all those around us