The heaviness of impurity

The easy path

the one that requires less energy

makes you feel afterwards

a bitter, nauseous aftertaste in your mouth

as the heaviness of impurity

weighs on your heart

You have betrayed your twin

betrayed yourself

betrayed your love

You have been dirtied and soiled

everything feels heavier, less merry

the lightness you felt before

at the thought of your love

has evaporated

as guilt feels you

It is not the guilt that is wrong

but the act that provoked the guilt

It is not like you do not have an alternative

at this stage you very well know

what the alternative is

you have discovered the colours

within the darkness

you have understood

what was hurting and what was not

what brought temporary pleasure

and what brought true joy to your entire being

And so you have no excuses any longer

no excuses for perpetuating the behaviours of the past

no excuses for wronging your true love, wronging yourself

wronging your oath

Only one thing remains to do

and that is of always choosing the way of love

even if it requires an effort

choose the way of love

even if it is scary

choose the way of love

Otherwise you will always regret it afterwards

Don’t be fooled around by life

Don’t lead your life as an economist would

Don’t let money and energy rule you

True, these things can lead you for a while along your path

but now we know better than to fall in these traps

now we know the true colours of each thing

and we can distinguish what is right and what is not

what is painful and what is healing

what is based on fears

and what is rooted on love