Tahira – Part 3

And days followed weeks, followed months, without Tahira doing the special encounter she longed for. Until she started to lose hope.

And it was when she hoped no longer, a new boy arrived to school. Fao he made of name. When she saw him first, she was struck. He seemed as aloof and gloomy and weird as she was. And after the first wave of curiosity, nobody returned to talk to him, and she noticed him erring in the courtyard without a clear objective, looking at the floor, probably too engrossed in his thoughts to care.

For many weeks Fao and Tahira ignored one another, as both were too shy to reach out, and Fao didn’t even seem to have noticed her presence.

Until one day, Fao passed in front of where Tahira was sitting, and probably out of chance he looked into her direction. And she looked back at him and caught his eyes, and started looking into him, through him. For a long moment they looked at one another in the eyes. There was… depth. A lot of depth. Fright. The fear to fall. Joy. Tenderness. They did not say anything and Fao continued his walk. He didn’t come again to Tahira. But once they were both erring, when they retrieved in front of one another. Had they not looked in time, they would have bumped their heads. They both laughed. Again, an eye contact. Even more intensity than the first time.

“Who are you?” Tahira asked.

Fao looked at her strangely and without replying he continued his walk.

Who is he? Tahira wondered. Since that day she couldn’t stop thinking of Fao, without knowing why. Fao. Fao.

She longed to know more of him, to see more of him. But he seemed so secretive, so closed off.