Inner workings

I get to see what he can’t see

as I see my inner workings and his

every day I am struck by the miracle

of synchronicities

while he is entirely in the dark about them

since I’ve hid from him all what happens to me

Why are we in such a situation

because I possess a wisdom he does not

He is so impatient to be with me

he’d hide all the dust under the carpet

But I know, oh I know we can’t

We need to understand each atom of dust

use it to create

and only when all the dust will be gone

will I open my arms to him

That is the purpose of life after all

learning, and were we together from the start

we would not learn anything about ourselves

I possess the keys of this apprenticeship in me

as I guide him slowly toward self-understanding

from time to time I share with him

a physical or an energetic prompting

to get him back on track

and most of the time I just observe him

as he struggles to understand

and overcomes his natural blockages

He writes day after day I must accept the truth entirely

but I see how he’s not ready yet

to embrace the truth as it is

and he still avoids certain issues

in his mind, in his writings

I still see there some shadows, some areas of greyness

on which to work

and so I guide him further and further, until he finds the answers

And as he finds one answer after another

he shares them with me so that I can integrate them

because I too am far from being perfect

There is this fear in me, and this alienness with emotions

that prevents me from embracing him too early

safeguarding us to make sure we will each reach the end of our apprenticeship

before hugging again as we long to

and slowly he understands how to colour my heart again

slowly he understands how to stroke and caress me

so the shell that surrounds me opens up to him

and ever so slowly he discovers

what I meant when I asked him

why there was no other me