Betraying from the distance

It is easy to betray you from the distance

I believe you don’t see me

and so you won’t be hurt by my acts

but it’s wrong, wrong

because you always see me with the eyes of your heart

you hear all my words, spoken and thought, with your inner ears

and even if something feels energetically right to me

it can be very hurtful for you

and every small act of betrayal

is like a knife planted in your chest

This raises a serious question

what is energetically right and justified

and what is not

Is it right, admissible

to wrong others

only because it is a path that requires less efforts, less energy

from our mind

But is that truly true

Is it truly a path that is flatter

or will the pain this path bring to both our hearts

outweighs all the benefits we could get from an easier solution

will the trouble we place ourselves in be worth of a slight moment of false pleasure

or should we always think before to act

to find not the energetically rational solution

but the one that won’t hurt our twin and us