The depth of our wound

The depth of our wound

The depth of our wound

has been revealed to the sight

It reddens in the night

like the mount of ashes would

and its glow compete

with the light of the sun

It is frightening this wound

so deeply it takes its roots in our heart

so extensively it affects

the lands of our spirit

But now that the trees burn openly

they will soon extinguish their fuel

and soon heavy clouds of rain

will shower the land

and cleanse the forest

and let the seeds of renewal

grow and blossom

And soon all our land

shall become a garden of marvels

and we shall come out again

from the tiny house we dwell in

and walk hand in hand

in these orchards of flowers

contemplating the sea and the mountains

the starry night and the day of rainbows

and kiss a kiss of forgiveness and reunion

as our house shines again

with all its lights

and our love becomes

the beacon of the entire realm

of our soul