I have made my sacrifice

all what belongs to the past

to others

has been thrown away

returned to nature

to accomplish the cycle to rebirth

it is needless to keep

objects where sorrow and nostalgia are stored

and the emptier the house of your mind is

the less dust accumulates there

the younger and lighter you feel

It is like cutting some branches in your tree

which bore fruits in the past

but are now too withered, or infected

and won’t bring you true happiness

won’t produce the fruits you would like to yield

It is painful at first, but then your sap

can go where it is most needed

There is also a moment when to stop

for the sacrifice can go on and on and on

there is a moment to realize

the sacrifice can be completed in words

in the world of fiction

without needing to become an obsession

an end to reach

in the material world

There is a moment when

words gently caress your tree

and heal all your wounds

and let you grow into your new self of love