Once you are betrayed

Once you are betrayed

can you trust again

Once you are betrayed

can you love again

The crystal of your heart

has been cracked

the tiniest blow

will make it shatter

How can you have faith

when your heart is broken in small pieces

and when you risk to lose

pieces of yourself

at every corner of the street

Then it becomes wiser

to enclose your heart

safely at home

and never let it wander with you

in the world

and make sure that it remains whole

even if it’s cracked

But my dear how will our heart heal

if it doesn’t breathe and see the light

how will the cracks resorb

if it’s sitting all day long in dust and dampness

To heal we must jump and dance

and laugh and cry

we must exercise

and carry our heart all around with us

To heal it’s fine to sow around some pieces

of our broken heart

as it will regrow the missing pieces

once we find the enigma to our puzzle

and the fallen pieces shall grow into wonderful trees

that will render the world a more beautiful place

and one day as our feet

bring us back one to another

we shall find the key of all mysteries

and discover that the secret healing to all our aches

lies in a kiss and in an embrace

as our hearts caress one another

and with their magical hands

restore one another’s wholeness