You have disappointed us

Daughter, you have disappointed us

is this how we have raised you

is this the cold monster you have become

uncaring about all what we have given you

how can you be so detached

how can you lie to your parents

and hurt them without any consideration

for years we have spitted our blood for you

for years we have made all kind of sacrifices

and this is how you appreciated it

this is how you thank us

we are in shock, in utter shock

about your rash behaviours

about how you manipulated us

how you deceived us

us, your mother and your father

how could you hide the truth from us for so long

we who love you most in the world

we who are ready to listen to you

why didn’t you talk, why did you all keep it for yourself

can you now imagine the consequences of what you did

the consequences

you have made a hell out of our lives

you have brought us together with you in the bottom of the pit

do you know the consequences it will have

on our work, on our health, on our life

do you know how ashamed we are of you

how disappointed, how angry

there’s so much turmoil in our hearts now

we can’t even express it to you