I cannot make myself heard

I now am in a situation where

I cannot make myself heard

I can sing to the river and whisper to the wind

but only if you lend your ear to your heart

will you hear me

And when you don’t

my words, my colours, my love

all go to waste

and I am left aloof and unheard

and melancholy fills my heart

as the sky overcasts with clouds

and hours and days and weeks and months pass

with the impossibility to reach out

the impossibility to express

the depth of my pain

and the beauty of my love

or when I express them

I know my other half

is not reading them, not hearing them

and it all leaves me a feeling of incompleteness

of beauty gone to waste

as a love letter thrown in a canal

or returned by the post

And yet I know

I can dig deeper

find even more love and beauty in me

cherish you even more

and one day you shall open again your heart

to the music of my heart

and you shall share anew your song with me

I have forgotten the sound of your voice

the feeling that your words bring in my body

their richness, their depth, their warmth

and I imagine it must be painful for you too

to have this feeling to be unheard

this aloofness in your writing

as the most important eyes

do not get to read and cherish your words