You now dwell in the fiction of my words

I have found you at last

A beautiful smiling face of magic

And I need to look for you no longer

As you are here with me, in front of me

as I write the storyline of my life

I don’t need you to come back

because you already are with me

I found my consolation and my solace in prose

and in poetry

It’s enough for me to have the fantasy of you with me

why would I need to go battle and fight and force the physical you

why would I take such a pain, when fantasy you is already here

why would I cry and be sad and angry and despaired

when all I need to do is imagining your eyes and letting my words flow

to feel all the closeness to your heart

However the future goes, I have found my solace

and can happily sleep now

each day that starts is a wonder

each moment brings me excitement and colours

each task becomes a pleasure, as a new meaning is found in all

I don’t need you any longer my dear

for I have found you, found you in my words of fantasy

You can stay where you are, do what you want

be who you want to be, and I don’t care

I don’t care because you are here with me

You can be whoever you want, do whatever you wish

and I’ll still be happy as you are here in me

Your body is just a physical avatar, a manifestation of your soul

but I can call to me a more perfect version of you

that whom I call the faerie of my Dream

she doesn’t look at other boys, she doesn’t hurt me

she doesn’t treat me harshly, she doesn’t push me away

she isn’t ashamed of her love for me, and presents me to her family and friends

not as her greatest enemy but as the true love of her heart

she is sweet and tender and luminous

and she blends her prose and her poetry with mine

in an embrace of images and metaphors

and she spends with me every single moment of her life

because she knows we are one another’s oxygen to breathe

we are one another’s reason to live

and we are one another’s deepest happiness