Writing me

I feel this morning

so light and close to you

you could almost write me

For now I will continue to write myself

to write you

expressing the words we feel in our heart

I caress your face

and invite you to dance

and would like to share

all the mundanities of my life with you

as that gives them another depth

a value they would not have otherwise

An earl grey tea warms my hand

I have unmolded my cheese from the linen this morning

‘t will last me one week, till the next marketday

I forgot to put salt, and so I’ll eat it sweet too

with sugar and orange blossom water

otherwise I mix it with salt and thyme and olive oil

and eat it with the flat bread I every morning prepare

I like to do my own things, to take the time to live

simply, and well

I’ve brought my travelling pot indoor

as the sky is a various shades of grey

and the western wind is blowin’

bringing rain to a land in need of water

and so perhaps the basil, the ginger and the mint

will continue to sprout

nourished of artificial light and warmth and fantasy music

as they listen to the lullabies of our heart

that make them want to survive to know the end word of this story

If you ask me how exactly are the clouds

I’ll tell you they’re dense, and seem to have been beaten like egg whites have

and they do not leave a lot of hope as of clearing during the day

The tree leaves are also starting to season

the green becomes less intense, more tired

and new shades of yellow and ochre and brown are revealed

as the contour of leaves becomes less well-defined, older

Those changes are also echoed in my pots

as the mint leaves become smaller

and acquire some new colours you wouldn’t see on a fine summer day

The mountains are still visible from the other side of the lake

but everything has been coloured in a slate grey

and the top of the mountains disappear in the lowest stratum of clouds

My laundry has dried, and time has come to tidy it

and order it in my wardrobe, while keeping half the space empty

It’s a symbolic gesture to wash your clothes

to get rid of the mental grime and sweat you have accumulated

to turn the page and start a new drawing

My cup of tea has emptied and I will clean the dishes

and prepare myself a morning coffee

the night has not been easy

but since when the vapours have retreated

my mind is sharp and clear again

and my heart full of love for you