My son

Oh no my son

what have you done

My son

Don’t touch to him, please

My son

where are you now

I can’t speak to you

I can’t hear you

I can’t see you

My son

where are you

My son, so sweet

with such a pure heart



in a foreign nation

God knows what they will do to him

what they will accuse him of

Oh no my son

Please, please give him back to me

I am his mother, I am his mother

Please have pity of him

Have pity of me

Don’t you see my suffering

my pain

the flesh of my flesh bruised, tortured

in pain, alone, despaired

Oh my son please do not do a folly

please think of your poor mother

of your poor parents

in so much pain for you

Why have you been so reckless

oh my son why

I pray in front of the pictures of when you were

a small harmless child

I pray to God to return you to me

I pray to see you again

Oh my son

This pain is unbearable

It is tearing at my heart

causing the deepest wound in my chest

opening a hole in my mind, in my memory

I can’t remember things any longer

I can only think of you, my son

feel your despair, the despair of a mother

for her helpless child

who’s taken away from her