I have the impression

it is now time to lay down pride

and accept to let our parents come into our inner workings

It is now time to say as much of the truth as we can to them

and make them part of our journeys

because that’s what their souls wish for after all

That is the sole way of stopping to tell lies

stopping to use several masks

and not become trapped in situations of life

we do not wish for

As difficult as it is, and as violent the first outburst is

later they will offer unconditional support and trust

become they will understand what we are going through

they will recognize the value of our quest

even when it is very steep, and in contradiction with common thought

I used to think you could play a game of luck to win your freedom

but I now realize the way to freedom

is to gain your loved ones

to make them part of your emotional journey

of your pain, of your struggles, of your hopes