An agreement

Syrtanyelle listens to the songs Arno sings in the night, and her heart explodes with joy and she starts weeping. She calls her father first, then her mother, and tell them all the truth. She has lied to them, out of fear to love entirely again, because of her wound of the past. At first her parents scream horrified, but after a while they come to see the situation under an entirely different light, as Syrtanyelle shares the words of Arno with them, and they see how deeply this boy loves their daughter. They also truly realize for the first time the pain they have caused their daughter when she was a kid, and they finally manage to reconcile and become friends again, and hug their daughter between them once again. They also write to Arno and to his parents, to make amendment of all what has happened, and to reassure them that a solution will be found for the trial. Syrtanyelle has now her heart much lighter and she tells the truth and the depth of her love to all her relatives and her friends, asking them to accept the hand Arno had given them all, and everyone around her is awed by this strange story, and how they had condemned someone already without knowing him. Then Syrtanyelle decided to take the jump and she joins Arno who now lives in the north-east of Falnë in a village called Hinë on a hill overlooking the sea. It is the only part of Falnë that has not changed. Arno lives in a tiny house, a bird’s nest, but it is large enough for him and Syrtanyelle. One day she surprises him knocking on his door, but Arno is ready, and his wardrobe is only half filled to give space for Syrtanyelle’s clothes, and the desk have enough room for the paper stacks of two writers. A marvellous smell floats in the air and Syrtanyelle discovers Arno had been cooking lunch and baking cakes expecting her arrival. How did you know I was coming, she asks him as they tenderly embrace. I expected you to come every day my beloved, says Arno, as he kiss her on the cheek, and she kisses him too, and then they kiss one another on the mouth for the first time, and a divine embrace starts as timelessness surrounds them. Now they both have stopped counting time and they eat slowly the meal Arno had prepared. He takes care of Syrtanyelle with the deepest tenderness. He has a small bed, but it will be enough for them too, as together Arno imagines their sleep will be much sweeter. They start embracing and for the first time they discover one another’s body, obsessed with one another’s eyes. Their gaze is so deep, so full of love and comprehension. Their lips can’t stop smiling and laughing. Chest and breasts embrace, and both their bodies come in perfect union. They tenderly hold one another’s heads, caress one another shoulders. There is so much tenderness and love and light. They reach their height in togetherness and it is the most intense thing they have ever felt in their lives as their souls merge and they become one on all planes. They cry tears of joy and embrace afterwards. Then they write together, and build up their storylines and their worlds. They have so much to speak of, and all the time of the world to do it, so there is no haste at all, and after a while they take a break and go take a long walk along the ocean, hand in hand, watching the waves crash on the pebbles, feeling the sea spray on their faces and the wind ruffling their hair. They feel as free as birds, and gayer they’ve ever been. They then return home and warm themselves with a sweet tea and a piece of pie, and return to their desk. They draw a map together, and they then paint and draw, and carry on writing and telling their stories, knowing exactly when to talk and when to be silent. The life of their dream has finally started.