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There are days when

nature itself announces the miracles to come

as suddenly we are surrounded

with more shades of colours than our mind can register

the sky is blazing with intensity

an ever changing one as the sun travels

to the other side of the world

It is when the sun is between worlds

between you and me

that beauty is the most striking

and behind above the mountains

black clouds gather on a summer afternoon

and my instinct makes me turn around

I see a sole, noiseless flash of lighting

the countryside is parched all around

but is that spark I see a new winter coming

and life sown from heaven

and regrowth on the lands

In that timeless moment

I understand something special is in act

the world is giving me signs

of strife and joy to come

and, as the harshness fades away

the land is the most fertile

for the miracle of love to happen

and as rivers fill again with water

everything transforms

and where the earth was crackled by the sun

flowers bloom and life thrives

with scents and colours and music

and faith and hope

in an even brighter future