I’m leaving


I’m leaving

for the first time I’m walking on my own legs on my own

there is no one to support and sustain me

but life has lent me its wings

and my true love is waiting for me

For the first time I dare to leave everything behind

without a second glance, without a moment of regret

for the first time I take a decision without hesitating

knowing it is the right one

for the first time I have no after thought

for I trust I am walking, flying, toward happiness

Leaving does not mean I won’t return

but when I’ll return I’ll be much stronger

and will be able to give much more to the people I love

I will bring them the wisdom and the light of my love

and with the worlds I build I will bring dream into their lives

There’s no need to speak of the you and the me

because we are the same really

and if in the past we had to draw two characters and two faces

and sign by two different names

in the present one name and one face shall suffice to explain it all

as we glow in the colours of love

and a boundless embrace plunge us in one another

until we are whole