I’m dead too

I'm dead too

And here my flow of words

comes to its end

as an angel of death calls me back

to the otherworld

I see you before me, glowing

and you come closer

closer still

I stand petrified, not daring to move

and then suddenly all the ice thaws

and I open my arms

and throw myself in your arms

if such an embrace will bring me death

then so be it

and for nothing in the world

I would miss it

And now my dear

I have crossed the limits of this world too

I am gone, and my words will be nowhere to be found

after my departure

I am giving you all the space

to express yourself and write and sing

and find me in the emptiness I left

The way will be long

and the answers won’t always be obvious

as you will have to look beyond your own nature

but do not look so pale my dear

for I am convinced you will make it eventually

it will take time, but you will find the way back home

This my dear, is my last painting, my last poem, my last song

before you find me again

and in your arms I am reborn

Come to me, I am waiting for you

and the hearth of my heart

is glowing with the fire of my love

Come to me, and bring me back in the miracle of life

Your feet will find the way

and your heart will guide you in this quest

When you are lost, close your eyes

and listen to the whisper of your soul

and as you come smile to everyone around

and share your joy with them

touch them, leave your trace and your trail

and even when you can’t see me

know that I am feeling you

closer every day that passes

closer and closer

and I hear your song more and more distinctly

as you come to me