I used to be afraid to fly

aereo orbetello

I used to be afraid to fly

and scared of so many other things in the world

perceiving myself as a lost child

in a random infinity I couldn’t make much sense of

and barely trust

And now I believe each single thing

has its good reason to exist

and every single thing

aspires to raise its level of consciousness

and awaken

We are the most awakened souls

but there are billions upon billions of infant souls around us

each object and each molecule

shall one day awaken to its true nature

And so instead of seeing the world as a vast, wild, scary place

I see it as a continuation of you and me

I see it as a friendly place for those who know to listen its melody

and make sense of its notes and its silences

and for those who trust that all the world relies on love to exist

Thus slowly fears and incertitude leave place

to faith in life and the divine

and the Earth becomes

not a place of cruelty and unfairness

but part of the heaven we dream of