Drawing my reality


Hunched on my paper

I try to capture

the textures and the lines and the colours

of the reality that surrounds me

and recompose them

to give existence to the world of my dreams

The sun is too strong

the temperature too warm

the fields too barren

the ruins too decrepit

but my imagination is flourishing

and my hand deft

and my heart generous in colours

and so it’s quite easy for me

to wipe away the poverty of the world

and transform it in a land of fairness and abundance

I also do the same with my own flaws

as I write one layer after another of myself

and each time I sieve my defects

I find a little more moonstone, a little more love

until I get rid of all the sand and the impurities and the haze

and my heart glows strongly enough

to guide you in the night to come to me

and together we sieve the last layers

to become the angels of light we are meant to be