A mountain to climb


It seems we have a mountain to climb

before tomorrow night

how will I order and write

all what I have set upon myself too

isn’t it too soon, too precipitated

perhaps life is preparing me

another of its bitter blows

perhaps what I expect as a positive outcome

will be disappointing, or worse, negative

perhaps this path I am walking on

is much longer than I thought

perhaps the novels must be written on my own

and I haven’t reached the end of challenges

perhaps my intuitions were entirely wrong

yes, they are guiding me toward healing and reunion

but my true love is still far ahead

And perhaps not, perhaps I have not been wrong

perhaps life will surprise and reward me this time

for all the acts of courage I have done

perhaps everything is going to start suddenly much more sense

perhaps the great weight on my chest and that on those of my beloved ones

will go away

and perhaps we will soon live our honey moon in one another’s arm

as the entire world around comes to wholeness for us