Stop ignoring me

Stop ignoring me

stop avoiding

to look into my eyes

Stop hiding

and behaving as a hare

caught in the headlight of a car would

It is too painful to be in separation still

and if we want to be happy

we need to lay a bridge of love

between our hearts

we need to accept to become

entirely vulnerable with one another

and when I see you on the street

I should not ignore you as a coward

but call your name

and sing my song of love

even if you are accompanied by another person

I should let my heart speak

instead of hiding and lowering my head

I should entirely embrace my love

even when I fear your reactions

and most importantly, I should trust you

I should trust that your deepest desire

is to be with me as much as I wish to be with you

and that all the rest is the smoke fears produce

The next time I see your harsh face

in real life or in dream

I will speak to you

I will put my hands on your shoulders

and look into your eyes

and smile to you

and kiss you

and hug you with tenderness

even when you push me away

but you won’t push me away, oh no

you wish for that moment as much as I do

and you desire to embrace me again

fearlessly, and to listen to the sound of my voice

and to build worlds together

and live into our dreams