I will speak up my heart

I won’t let you push me away

scare me

subdue me into silence

No, I won’t!

I will speak up my heart

my feelings

my love

in front of the entire world

I will look into your eyes

uncaring of all people around

I will stand up

I will be proud

I will be transparent in my love

and there I will find the strength

I lacked of

I will not avoid you

I will not ignore you

I will not hide

I will not leave my place to others

out of fear

because the place at your side

belongs to me

Give me back what belongs to me

Respect me

Respect your own heart

and stop living lies against yourself

stop inflicting yourself this suffering

Take my hand

and kiss me

and dance with me if you will

And let’s find the deepest tenderness

that can exist

in our hearts

as we decide to let go of the past

and live for and through one another

as we were meant from the start