Falling town

I dreamt of a falling town

I was there

and the mighty palaces in the distance were

glowing with red fires

and the earth was shaking

and burning garbage was falling from the sky

and as we tried to move

toward the innermost rings of the town

thugs attacked and mocked us

This place has become a living hell

under the dominance of a malignant power

that is failing but wants to drag

the entire nation in its fall

Was I once from the other side

did I once dwell in a mighty palace

and ordered the destruction of towns

and citizens uncaring of bloodbaths

did I mock your love and reject you

did I take many lovers

while being deaf to all your prayers

and your letters begging me to stop getting deeper and deeper

in this way of strife, to return to my heart and my human nature

and I, panicked, continued to become worse and worse

and turn even my friends against me as they started to fear

my lies and my manipulation

and you, continuing to love me of the purest love

that I did not hesitate to treat as a criminal and throw in jail

and accuse you of many crimes and treasons to lose you

even the support of your loved ones

Was that my role, in a past life of strife and mourning

did I harm the world, as much as I hope to help it now

did I harm you, tenfold more than you have hurt me

did I harm all the other people who have hurt me

did I truly reject your love in such a cruel way and mocked you

and lies against you

if I did, then all punishments life decides are fair

and it is right that I now feel from the other side

as a helpless victim who does not understand what is happening

It is right that I paid the price of my arrogance and my cruelty

that I showed my true face to the world

accepting blows and harsh words and concerns

accepting to take responsibility of crimes I have not committed now

but have perhaps committed far away in the past

never recognizing them, never asking those I harmed for forgiveness

and so now I would like to ask you and all those I once hurt

to pardon me, and I would like to offer any reparation I can

to make those painful experiences less hurtful

and perhaps see them under another light

as I show the compassion and the love and the beauty

I am capable of