New colours

New colours

New colours are appearing in our heart

every day that passes

along this self exploration path

where we discover we were not alone from the start

and our counterpart was taking a step

each time we took one

and that someone, somewhere in the world

was thinking very dearly of us

day and night we were conscious of one another presence

and this great research we were in

without knowing exactly what we were looking for

as we went to sleep in the comfort of our blankets

feeling incomplete and dreaming of wholeness

dreaming of perfect love and tenderness

and wonder worlds

and now our old quest is almost over

as our lips come closer and closer

in a timeless embrace that will merge

bodies and hearts and souls

into oneness

and completeness

and fulfilment

a kiss that is much more than a kiss

a kiss according to its first primal definition

that has been forgotten by the world now

a kiss of metamorphosis

a kiss of faith

a kiss of divine spark

the two kids dreamed of one another

and now they have finally found

each other’s homes

and completeness

and they will finally be able to sleep

nights of rest and wonderful dreams

instead of laying restless in their beds

thinking of the most anguishing things

and wondering where the peace of their hearts lies

now every question has found itself an answer

every doubt has been thawed

by the light of love

and is flowing in little ponds and rivers

irrigating our lands

and promising us

a spring of abundances as we have never known before