Atmospheric currents

Atmospheric currents

When we are taken by atmospheric currents

it is hard to disentangle

hard to land back on the ground

easy to get lost and despaired

and yet these currents have a lot to teach us

as we let go of our will, of our consciousness

and let life carry us

we can feel disoriented, and pain

but at the end of the trip

when the winds dim

or when a counterstorm meet us

or when our will grows stronger again

we discover we have learnt some essential things of life

we would not have discovered otherwise

in our skewed vision of the world

entrenched in our prejudices and in our fears

it is sometimes necessary to accept to trust

our distorted instincts

our unfair emotions

and see where they will bring us

as accepting the absurdity of life

while trusting that what will come afterwards

will allow us to make sense of all

is the greatest act of faith

one that will allow us to eventually

thaw the ice of our spirit

and find precious moonstone

underneath the flowing rivers

as moonflowers grow along riverbanks