Syrtanyelle of Melroel

Northern hemisphere


Syrtanyelle of Melroel

is a gift of mine to you

and she is yours to write now

You once drew me

holding an empty book

and you were writing on the wall

in the emptiness

and now time has come

to merge your stories with mine

to give you all the space you need

in the book I have started to write

Have you heard of Melroel

have you ever dreamt of this place

where each name is given only once

and is believed to be your true, perfect name

In Melroel, volcanic island lost in the middle of the ocean

a wisdom of old has outlived the modern world

and the Melros know

the importance to listen to their bodies

to their desires

Melroel is the other half of Falnë

two little, forgotten countries of the world

that have each kept a fragment of wisdom

that complete one another

as Arno and Syrtanyelle

discover they can be whole

only in togetherness

Will you hold your pen

and write the other face of the story

will you give free reign to your heart

to imagine Syrtanyelle and Melroel

as your heart guides you

and give to Arno and Falnë

the colours they still lack of

Will you blend your poetry with my prose

and your prose with my poetry

will you build up this endless world

together with me

and draw maps and scenes

in vivid paintings and in words

Let’s kiss

and bring together Falnë and Melroel

merging all gaps

in a timeless embrace