Little drawing

The randomness of life

is not blind as we think it to be

it is too complex and too deep

to be explained with simple theories

but once we delve deep enough in our heart

everything starts making sense

and an explanation is found

for every single thing happening in the world

Beware, this is not a way

to possess or dominate the world

nay, at the contrary, it is a way to see

beauty in each thing

and to perceive the potential

in each person and each object

this gift in them that would make them

and the reality around bloom

if they took more and more confidence in it

There is no randomness at all in life in fact

and only a deep longing for consciousness and love

one we are now leading with our dance

showing the way to others with our words

and the worlds we make them travel to

filling their heart with the hope and the beauty

of our poetry, and a deep recognition

of their souls’ deepest desires