Eincyg (11) – Bridging the world in love

I have returned to Eincyg. It’s needless to spend words about the past as it is the present that counts. And the present is now mine. Mine to behold and appreciate. I have almost grown into myself, and I know where lies the missing piece to wholeness. It is in you my dear, in you. We have met many, many times. In front of the library and in the sacred forest, but also at a party and in an inn and in front of a station and in foreign lands and distant times. And now I know you wait for me from the other side of the bridge, in Cyg, and once our hands touch and lock, we will be transported to another world. I know you are also waiting for me in Eincyg, as there is a part of you that dwells in me, and I am also waiting for you in Cyg, as there is a part of me in you. And now, all our selves will reunite again and merge, and completeness and happiness shall be ours. I spend one last night in my room under Eincyg’s rooftop but I feel loneliness no longer. I feel you close to my heart, at my side. I have no longer the desire or the curiosity to explore Eincyg. My next explorations will be done with you, as your eyes and mine add layers of magic to everything. I have had enough of my solitary incomplete quest, and now I have found the courage to love, I know the only act of wisdom I can take is of embracing you entirely, cherishing you as I wish to be cherished, and covering you in kisses and caresses and words of warmth that make you glowing like a sun or a star or a moon. I look at the isle of Cyg from the window and the mountains are no longer gray but lit in a thousand colours. The lake of Cyg shimmers around, and this place speaks of wonders and marvels. The Ghost Bridge is no longer a ghost, and I can see it very clearly, and understand it very deeply, and I know it is this bridge between our hearts, and that Eincyg and Cyg are metaphors of who we are, and that the landscape around us keeps on changing to continue mirroring who we are deep within. Eincyg and Cyg have an existence only through us, through our hearts and our minds and our spirits. Eincyg and Cyg represent the transformation we have undergone with time. Learning to speak the same language of our soul. Learning to find a balance between our emotions and our thoughts. Learning to chase away fears until only love remains. Eincyg and Cyg and the Ghost Bridge were constructs we are now outgrowing, as there are no longer Ein and Cyg and a bridge in between, but Eincyg that is a reunion of both our nature into one. There are no longer two towns and two islands, but one. And we know that the reality all around us is imagined, and we can shape it according to the will of our heart. We are no longer separated by a river or a lake, or mountains and gates and portals. We are together. On those thoughts I close my eyes and sleep a sleep of lightness and elation as we are in togetherness even in my dreams. And as the sun shines at dawn I wake up with a lithe jump from my bed, and I leave most of my things behind in my room as I need them no longer. I take only my most precious belongings, the ones I want to share with you, my notebooks and my maps and my drawings and my worlds in construction and I walk toward the bridge. All Eincyg is in a state of elation and everyone smiles and cheers to me. They all know what is going to happen today. They all rejoice of our love that fulfils itself. I arrive to the bridge entirely trusting, entirely faithful in you. Even if we have not communicated, I know you will be here, waiting for me, ready to meet and embrace me. I look over the bridge and despite the sheer distance, far, far away, I see a figure, a face, and I recognize you. And I start walking on the bridge without any fear, as all the inhabitants of Eincyg gather on the shore and watch me in awe and wonder. It is the first time the Ghost Bridge is not drowned in haze, the first time they can see it so clearly, and not an occasion to lose at all. I walk and I see you walking toward me. We are still at a great walking distance but I feel my heart dancing of joy in my chest, and I can already feel your eyes on me, and the longing for your deep dark gaze, for the gentleness and the love and the beauty of your eyes grow and grow, and I can already feel your caresses in the distance. Light and warmth grow in my chest as we come closer and closer, in silence, as the townsmen that watch over us from the shores of Cyg and Eincyg do not say anything. For the first time they realize their two worlds weren’t so far apart after all, and that people from the same race dwelt from the two sides of the bridge, people capable of giving birth to two souls, two flames, who love one another of the deepest love, and suddenly Eincyg and Cyg feel much closer than they had ever felt in the past. We come closer and closer until I can see your smile, and you mine, and we drown into one another eyes and smiles and we walk solemnly and we run and we dance and we jump and we fly the last part until without knowing how we are in one another’s arms in the middle of the bridge. And suddenly something clicks within the heart of our relatives and friends waiting on the two opposite shores and they start walking on the bridge too and coming toward us, and soon we are surrounded with a throng of people cheering us and exchanging smiles and pats on the back and marvelling before how incredible our love is, and how it allowed them for the first time to see clearly this part of the world that used to always be drowned in haze. And there we start singing together our song of love, we start writing our poems and our stories and building our worlds and painting our canvases. There we tell people who have gathered round that there is much more to the world than they think, much more hope, way more love and magic and truth. There we call on all the people around us to be happy and follow their dreams and we promise to help them along. And as we kiss a new island appears all around us, and a town starts sprouting there, and we invite all our relatives and friends to come inhabit into this new city of the world, a city that we will rule in fairness and love together with them all, a city of beauty and truth as no other exists. There all our books shall take birth, and all the dreams of people shall take existence. There each and every gift shall be cultivated in the best of way. There our love shall glow and brighten the world. There we shall be, forever happy. As the moon grows full in the sky, meet me at the sacred bridge oh beloved. Meet me there, and all our pains shall be over. I will meet you there, and never leave your sides again. Trust me, trust my love for you, and trust your love for me.