Where two storms meet

Where two storms meet-where two hearts collide

Where two storms meet

where two hearts collide

a new star

and new colours

are born

The pain is almost unbearable

but a voice keeps us going

we know there is no escape to this wound

but the one of delving into it

and cutting loose its anchors

until the wind can snatch it from us

You come into me

and with a very precise gesture

you cut open the dead skin

I scream

you scream


even more horror

at what is hiding inside

and then this liquid coal

flows in rivers

obscuring the land

polluting the soils

catching fire and burning

and drowning everything

in dark smoke

and later the rain falls

and clears the air

and the soil alike

bearing the wound inside our chests

until the skin can heal

and we can walk again

much lighter than we ever were