The journey home

The journey home

The journey home

is an uneasy quest to undertake

as you realize

all your memories are gone

and you do not know

where to head to

A distant remembrance still shines

somewhere in your heart

like a far away star

you ignore if it still alive

or if you are seeing what it once was

and it has exploded meanwhile

It is a journey of faith

as during some instants

you see a blazing light

and you feel a fire inside your heart

telling you with clarity

walk firmly on this way and you shall

one day find happiness

but the next moment the warmth is gone

replaced by a cold wind of emptiness

and you must continue your way

without any reassurance

until, one day

the journey enters in its final stage

and the wanderer

discovers in shock and awe

the beauty of what had been left behind all along

and he sees that the distant star he saw in the sky

hid a world of marvels

that is now his