Rising from ashes

Rising from ashes

It is sometimes necessary

to die

to rise again

Letting go of life

welcoming destruction open-armed

is a powerful act of renewal

Getting rid of the past

cutting the old needless roots

which drink water and nutrients

from the soil of our spirit

allows us to grow a much healthier tree

Sometimes it is necessary to let fire

do the work, as it burns through brambles

and shrubs, leaving a darkened land

of ashes

and there, when the tears of the beholder

water the soil again

and plant there the seeds of our heart

nature shall renew itself

as the tiniest buds grow and blossom

in the new peace that has been gained

with no shrubs and brambles to smother their life away

It is a delight to stroll in these cleared fields

where a new forest sprouts

watching the progress of plants

every day that passes

Now let your destructive power sing

let the storm fall over our heads

and let’s endure it without barring

our windows and our doors

until everything has been cleared

and we can start anew

and even if we have lost everything

we will gain one another’s presence

and that’s the most precious of all

as together we can do much more

than a thousand lifetimes of aloofness

and the forests we plant

and the towns we build

will me grown in an unearthly material

that does not wither as time passes

but at the contrary continue

to grow and blossom