Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes

Can you still tell stories

and lie

Don’t you realize the suffering

it causes you

and causes me

to treat me as your greatest enemy

when I am your dearest friend

Stop building up this false reality

listen to your heart

is that what you truly want

kneel down and retrieve humbleness

and honesty

and ask my loved ones to pardon you

repair the strife you have sown in each heart

rehabilitate me with each and every member of my family

and with all my friends

and with your family and your friends too

for I never did anything to deserve your harshness

nothing but loving you deeply and unconditionally

and stopping in front of nothing to try helping you

the anger you feel against me

comes from the faraway past

and I am not the same person anymore

I do not deserve your harshness nor your lies

I can feel them, even in the distance

I know when you are speaking ill of me

and I can feel the suffering and the pain it causes in you

so please, stop doing it, once and for all

and treat me with the respect and the love I deserve

with the tenderness that flows deep down in your heart

each time you think of me and read me and see me