It is Christmas again

even if we are not in December

and from now on

‘t will be Christmas every day

for you and me

and all the persons

we touch around

Our dreams are coming true

and life is showering us

with the most precious gifts

we could wish for

We have found

the boundless ocean of love

in both our chests

and we have discovered countless islands

covered with moonstone

and the seeds of all the plants and the trees

and the forests we wish to see grow

and now we have freed the fertile pastures

of our hearts from foreign dominion

and we are ready to sow them

with all the seeds of our dreams

and to walk there hand in hand

every day that passes

witnessing the growth of a new world

through us

Come kiss me under the holly

as the shrubs of your heart

are blooming with red berries

and delicate crystals of snow fall

from the sky

forming little pools of water on the ground

in between the wisps

that light this fairy night